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Actionable Insights from Comparative Profiles

ZYGY is an AI Technology that produces Comparative Profiles containing categorized concerns of different groups on a topic of focus. The goal is to derive actionable insights that maximize outcomes by unlocking critical threats and opportunities

Zygy Note

ZYGY Note is a Cloud Application that gathers information from web and social media and documents, priorities issues and opportunities from areas of concerns such as economy, health, education, social and more based on interaction scores

ZYGY Ecosystem

The families of ZYGY are ZYGY Lifestyle, ZYGY Prophecy and ZYGY Ecosystem. Each of ZYGY’s component is meant to simplify your life as individuals or organizations and subsequently producing powerful impact to you in the future :: ZYGY – simplifying your life, amplifies your future

ZYGY Lifestyle

As part of ZYGY families, ZYGY Lifestyle is an AI platform for personal notices about work from work environment in the office, mobile bills from service providers, offers from shopping sites, updates from Facebook and Twitter, and other direct alerts overwhelm many of us.

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