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The families of ZYGY are ZYGY Lifestyle, ZYGY Prophecy and ZYGY Ecosystem. Each of ZYGY’s component is meant to simplify your life as individuals or organizations and subsequently producing powerful impact to you in the future :: ZYGY – simplifying your life, amplifies your future

As part of ZYGY families, ZYGY Lifestyle is an AI platform for personal notices about work from work environment in the office, mobile bills from service providers, offers from shopping sites, updates from Facebook and Twitter, and other direct alerts overwhelm many of us. We have to consume information separately from each application which steadily takes up more time and energy. This condition is worse with having different usernames and passwords at each site.

Hence, we are presenting ZYGY Lifestyle which is a lifestyle and workplace platform with artificial intelligent Personal Assistant. The artificial intelligent Personal Assistant performs Single Sign on (SSO) to multiple websites for us to collate personal information, journal the information based on specific interests and assists us by relating essential people and issues in our life. ZYGY Lifestyle empowers healthy lifestyle, learning lifestyle, shopping lifestyle, travel lifestyle and caring lifestyle by assisting us to analyse situations, to find ideas, to solve problem, to find what to do, to find deals, to catch up and to compare things from our personal information in multiple sites.

ZYGY – Simplifying Your Life, Amplifies Your Future


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