Actionable Insights from Comparative Profiles

ZYGY is an AI technology that employ NLP to address related issues arising on the internet, identifying groups that influencing the issues. More than just monitoring!

Distilling Ocean of texts

ZYGY maps out billions of texts across web, social media,systems, documents using Natural languague Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Fit-for-purpose Solutions

ZYGY intelligent system able to sense the audience on what's trending, giving insightsto businesses, government's, and individualsto customize their offerings effectively

Our Product

Zygy Insight
Zygy Insight

ZYGY Insight is a Cloud Application that gathers information from web and social media and documents, priorities issues and opportunities from areas of concerns such as economy, health, education, social and more based on interaction scores, and deduces sentiments and connections between initiatives, locations, organizations and people within areas of interests such as needs and issues analysis on a county or state.

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Our Team

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Azhar K Mustapha
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rosdiana Shahril
AI Developer

Shaqis Aldi Johari
Manager, Software and Project

Dr. Zulkifli Halim
AI Developer

Wan Aizuddin
Software Developer

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