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Problems from Knowledge Loss and Inefficient of Knowledge Sharing


  • Fortune 500 companies lose at least $31.5 billion a year by failing to share knowledge – International Data Corp
  • Inefficient Knowledge Sharing Costs Large Businesses $47 Million Per Year – US research by Panopto
  • 42 percent of institutional knowledge is acquired specifically for the employee’s current role and is not shared by any of their coworkers. When that employee leaves their job or is otherwise unavailable, their coworkers are unable to do 42 percent of that job - US research by Panopto
  • By trying to recreate the wheel, repeating others’ mistakes, or wasting time searching for specialized information or expertise, employees incur productivity costs and opportunity costs for the organization. – Harvard Business Review 2017


Solution to Knowledge Transfer Problem: Zygy Knowledge


An AI system extracting knowledge from operational documents to make knowledge shareable, preventing knowledge loss and to build actionable classifications and trends


Benefits of Zygy Knowledge


  • Transfer knowledge into systems while creating operational documents without additional process. System Document can be exported to MS Word.
  • Accelerate knowledge penetration throughout without physical coaching
  • Preserve and manage critical knowledge even after experts leave
  • Evidence on staff evaluation when producing knowledge  in creating documents
  • Heatmap for classifications and trends based on instant aggegated knowledge will be strategic for decision making
  • Create Shared Mental Model for multiple stakeholders with different agenda to address common problems



 Data, Information & Knowledge



What knowledge can be Transferred?



From Documents to Document Taxonomy



Application of Document Taxonomy for Operation


  • Research and Development Management Knowledge
  • Project Management Knowledge
  • Incident Management Knowledge
  • Customer Engagement Knowledge
  • Campaign Management Knowledge
  • Strategic Initiative Knowledge such as Blueprint and Masterplan
  • Customer Support Knowledge
  • Any operational Knowledge


Process for Automated Knowledge Extraction in Operation



Knowledge Transfer based on Document Taxonomy




Knowledge Creation based on Taxonomy e.g MAC Meeting



Fast Knowledge Acquisition





Heatmap of Classification Grid and Trends










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