ZYGY Gatekeeper Overview

Personal notices about work from Human Resource system, staff portal, emails and Customer. Relationship Management system in office, mobile bills from service providers, offers from shopping sites, updates from Facebook and Twitter, and other direct alerts overwhelm many of us. 

We have to visit each site separately, aggregate disparate information in our heads before we can get insights about what is going on in our internet live. Often this task takes up our time and energy. It is worse if many sites having different passwords because of different password policy.

Hence, Nervesis presents Zygy Gatekeeper. Zygy Gatekeeper is a Personal Assistance Platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to collate, journalize and relate personal information in one's internet life. 

It effortlessly helps us to relate what matters in our internet life. It relieves us from the lengthy process of going through every application to gather personal information and gain understanding from them. It uses Intelligent Agent with a Single Sign on (SSO) capability to log into multiple websites, collate personal notifications, journal them based on specific interests and relate the journal entries with essential people and issues in our life.

With SSO, a user is also able to login to various networks, windows accounts and mainframes with a same username and password. To be more secured, a user can additionally login with fingerprint, voice, face, One Time Password (OTP) or 2D Barcode (QR Code). 

For enterprises where identities or IDs (usernames, passwords and related attributes) are in different places, Zygy Gatekeeper helps enterprises to manage IDs from a single place. To do that, it allows admin to outline communication flows between various identity places during login, user registration, user changes and user archiving. In addition, Zygy helps admin to perform central enforcement of password policies and access rules.

Enterprises can adopt Zygy on premise or on cloud. For on premise, Zygy can operate with branches in different locations. Users use existing IDs when adopting Zygy. Ministry of Finance, Telekom Malaysia, University Malaya and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia have adopted Zygy. The largest users in one site are 40,000 users.

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