Knowledge Analytics with ZYGY Technology

AI Techniques Used in Knowledge Discovery and Analytics

• ZYGY Utopia adopt several AI techniques to perform semantic search. Designing knowledge graph starts with human reading relevant texts about an entity. ZYGY AI will later help to design better knowledge graph.

“Semantic Search is a combination of Knowledge Graph, Natural Language Processing and index based Search Engine.”

Semantic search highlight few important areas relevant to an entity (instead of just a link) in normal search. Those areas come from nodes of a knowledge graph relevant to the entity.

In order to map keywords to a node in a knowledge graph, a simple index-based approach will need to be extended. Since query keywords will need to point to any nodes, these keywords will be transformed into word embeddings first, before performing any lookup. Word Embeddings is a matrix of numbers representing the keywords. Producing Word Embeddings is a part of Natural Language Processing.

Knowledge Analytics Use cases

To understand more about semantic search, we construct a sample user search simulation. Download the whitepaper below to learn more.